White Water Rafting

Rafting is the perfect activity to discover white water activities. With family, colleagues or friends, you’ll spend good moments on the river and bring back unforgettable memories. Your guide will take you on the river in an inflatable boat for 6 to 8 people, cooperation and team spirit will be much needed to raft down the rapids.

Caution! For a trip within the next 24 hours, we’ll do our best to meet your expected departure time, however, we cannot offer any absolute guaranty.
  • Children Trip

    A 6 km trip perfect for the children to discover white water rafting. Ideal trip for a first experience of white water. Games, swimming, water fights and much more! Children will bring back good memories to tell their parents about.

    Price: €26
  • Discovery Trip

    With family, friends or colleagues, come and discover the river, and learn how to tame currents in total safety. On this trip, you’ll enjoy a pleasant raft down the river in Serre-Chevalier Valley. Your guide will also show you the river wildlife. You’ll have plenty of things to tell your friends about!

    Price: €35
  • Improvement Trip

    You’ve already tried white water rafting and liked it?
    You’re looking for a trip to improve your skills? Come for the Improvement Trip on a wild river with rapids, small waterfalls and natural maze in the rocks and more!
    The guide will be there to show you the best way to raft down the famous rapids on the Guisane River.

    Age restriction: 16 (18 when the water level is high).

    Price: €40
  • Serre-Chevalier Integral

    Are you a sportsman looking to improve your technique? Maybe you want to share big thrills with your friends, colleagues or family? The Serre Chevalier Integral trip is a 19 km long course on a wild river with rapids, small waterfalls and natural maze in the rocks and more!

    Duration: 4 hours (time of transportation and to get yourself kitted out included).

    Price: €70
  • Serre-Chevalier Integral
    with picnic and grill

    You raft down the Guisane River from its beginning to its end. While you’re enjoying good time on the river we prepare the picnic that we share at noon when you stop for lunch. You’ll enjoy the beauty of landscape, and the wild rapids during the trip.

    Price: €80


Children from 8 to 12

For this activity, you need

  • A swim suit.
  • Sports shoes (they will be wet).
  • Warm clothes for after the activity.
  • A change of shoes.


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  • Discovery Trip
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  • Children Trip
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