Kayak is the perfect boat for those who want to surf the waves and play with the river, however, it requires a minimum of basic technique. Once you’ll master these skills you’ll have even better sensations. Beginner or experienced sportsman, you can chose among the courses we offer to discover the activity or to improve your technique. Come and join us on the rivers or lakes in Briançon area.

  • 3x2-hour course

    Three 2-hour lessons to discover kayaking. First on the lake and then on the river depending on your level. A guide will give you personalized advice so that you can rapidly improve your skills.

    Price: €105
  • 5x2-hour course

    Five 2-hour lessons either to discover kayaking if you are a beginner, or to improve your skills and go for new trips if you already master the basic technique. You’ll enjoy kayak down the crystal clear waters of the Guisane river.

    Price: €155
  • Single 2-hour course

    Beginner or experienced kayaker, we offer 2-hour tailor-made lessons to fit your level. Our guides will give you personalized advice so that you can improve your skills and find even more pleasure when you kayak down the rapids.

    Price: €42


Children from 8 to 12

For this activity, you need

  • A swim suit.
  • Sports shoes (they will be wet).
  • Warm clothes for after the activity.
  • A change of shoes.


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