For a truly immersive whitewater experience, try hydrospeed, you swim down the rapids with a riverboard and flippers. Hydrospeed is a great way to feel the flow of the river and surfing a standing wave is a ride like no other.

Caution! For a trip within the next 24 hours, we’ll do our best to meet your expected departure time, however, we cannot offer any absolute guaranty.
  • Discovery Trip

    Come to discover hydrospeed on a trip ideal for beginners. You’ll be equipped with a riverboard, flippers, a neoprene wetsuit, and a helmet, to swim down the river. A river guide will come with you to give you advice and get you to discover new surfing sensations.

    Price: €38
  • Improvement Trip

    You already tried hydrospeed and you loved it? You want to get to the next level and discover a new trip. On the Improvement Trip, you’ll enjoy surfing down the rapids with your guide. For sure you’ll live unique sensations and have a lot of fun in the waves.

    Price: €39
  • Thrills Trip

    If you’re a sportsman looking for big thrills, you’ll love to go for this trip. It is a wild river with many rapids, small waterfalls and much more! After this unique experience, you’ll have tons of memories to share with your friends.

    Price: €50


Children from 8 to 12

For this activity, you need

  • A swim suit.
  • Sports shoes (they will be wet).
  • Warm clothes for after the activity.
  • A change of shoes.


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  • Discovery Trip
  • Discovery Trip
  • Improvement Trip
  • Improvement Trip
  • Thrills Trip