Adapted trip

Adaptated trip -

White water activities for people with disability (with someone or not)

Depending on the disability and with adapted equipment, we can take you for a trip to discover the river and the joy of white water activities.
Some members in our team are specialized and teach assisted ski in winter for person with disability.
We’ll be happy to welcome you in a congenial atmosphere.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

As everyone else, Serre Chevalier (July 2012)


Testimonies -


Pure pleasure !
For me it seemed impossible to go rafting on the Guisane River. To go for such a challenge when you are visually impaired is not easy. It was before I met Thomas and Didier two professional river guides. I was part of the event FestEaux-vives215 with Laurent, a friend of mine also visually impaired. After a good meal at the Parc des Colombiers, it’s time for briefing before we start on the river. I was a little — let’s say rather much—stressed but Didier gave clear explanations and I felt more comfortable. He showed me the boat and the place where I sat; he explained how to use the foot straps for the feet. He gave us the rhythm for paddling. Last thing: the security position, just in case… We are ready to go down the river and we are timed ! We were the first boat of the afternoon and we didn’t want to be passed!
It was 22 minutes of pure pleasure. Didier shouted orders to steer the boat among the rocks “right backward, left forward!” we were splashing water all around and felt like big thrills.
Thanks a lot for these unforgettable moments.

Michel, June 13 2015

White water activities’ joy for a paraplegic, no problem!

We asked some help in the beginning to comfortably set up the paraplegic in the boat, then we start with the easy trip, but since everyone is doing well we continue on the improvement trip, great!
Big thanks to Thomas and Didier for this rafting experience on the Guisane river.

Paul - June 28 2015