Inflatable Kayak

With this type of boat, you can get rid of the long and difficult learning required for white water kayaking. This inflatable kayak gives you the first sensations of kayak, and you can enjoy the pleasure of white water even if you’re a beginner.

Caution! For a trip within the next 24 hours, we’ll do our best to meet your expected departure time, however, we cannot offer any absolute guaranty.
  • Discovery Trip

    Very user-friendly and fun, the inflatable boat is perfect for those who want to discover safely the kayaker’s sensations. The Discovery Trip is made for beginners, a river guide will give all the necessary advice so that your trip will be a memorable experience.

    Price: €39
  • Improvement Trip

    You want to improve your technique and get to the next level? Try the Improvement Trip, it gives a large range of possibilities to improve your skills and enjoy a lot of new sensations.

    Price: €41
  • Thrills Trip

    For experienced sportsmen, who like big thrills, and technique. You’ll be able to test yourself in the rapids, waves, and much more! It is the perfect trip for those that want to surpass themselves. For sure it will be a memorable trip with unique sensations

    Price: €50


Children from 8 to 12

For this activity, you need

  • A swim suit.
  • Sports shoes (they will be wet).
  • Warm clothes for after the activity.
  • A change of shoes.


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  • Air boat sensation
  • Discovery Trip
  • Discovery Trip
  • Improvement Trip
  • Improvement Trip