White water activities on the Guisane, Briançon, Serre-Chevalier

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  • Rivières Évasion

    Welcome in the world of white water activities!

    If you like sports, water and adventure, Rivières Évasion offers you a large range of activities on the Guisane River. Children, beginners, amateurs, or experienced sportsmen, don’t hesitate, we have the perfect trip for you!

    Our team of professional river guides will take you for unforgettable adventures to discover the river. You’ll be able to safely enjoy every moment of the trip down the river. You want to give white water activities a try or you want to improve your skills on new trips?

    Don’t hesitate, come and visit us!


    Nous sommes partenaire de l’office de Tourisme de Serre Chevalier, alors venez bénéficier de 20 % de remise sur certaines de nos activités !

  • Adaptated trip
    White water activities for people with disability (with someone or not) Depending on the disability and with adapted equipment, we can take you for a trip to discover the river and the joy of white water activities. Some members in our team are specialized and teach assisted ski in winter for person with disability. We’ll be happy to welcome you in a congenial atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested. As everyone else, Serre Chevalier (July (...)

We offer various white water sports:

  • White Water Rafting

    The rafting is by far the best activity to discover the river.
  • Inflatable Kayak

    Get rid of the difficulties of kayak learning and go directly to have fun on the river.
  • Hot Dog

    This inflatable canoe gives you the opportunity to have a duo trip on the river.
  • Hydrospeed

    Hydrospeed gives you the opportunity to swim down the river almost like a fish.
  • Kayak

    Kayak is the best activity for those that want to surf the waves and play on the river.